A shorter Record involving Twix along with Snickers Chocolate Bar


Twix and Snickers are both famous chocolate bars across the world. Twix is really a butter cookie topped with a heavy layer of caramel and the entire bar covered in dairy milk chocolate while Snickers is really a chocolate bar with peanut butter and topping of caramel covered in dairy milk chocolate.

Twix was created by Mars Limited in the UK back in 1967 while Snickers is really a product of US based Private Corporation – Mars, Incorporated which is also among the world’s largest food and confectionary manufacturers.

Twix chocolate bar was for sale in 1979 in the US wrapped in a silver colored wrapper with orange text and it absolutely was branded since the Twix Cookie Bar. Before Snickers was created, there was a very successful chocolate bar called Milky Way in the first 1920s in America. This brand allowed the creators – Ethel Mars and Frank to expand and improve new recipes for chocolate bars.

An amount of continuing sales of Twix through the first 1980s suggested Mars, Inc were happy with the performance of these, cap up chocolate bar in fact the chocolate bar was not performing quite as well at retail and the hunt was on for a replacement or improvement which in 1983 came about with the peanut butter Twix. There was almost no changed in the Snickers brand during its first forty years of production except in 1968 when Mars were inspired to produce the Snickers mini candy bar sold in bags of twelve labeled with ‘fun size’ ;.

Snickers brand sparked a controversy in recent years with advertisements perceived to be homophobic, when two mechanics have emerged sharing a Snickers and accidentally kiss when achieving the middle. The last major controversy related to Twix brand occurred in 2007 when Mars, Inc in Europe started replacing the whey utilized in their candy bars with animal rennet. This resulted in large protests and negative press publicity against Mars, Inc by vegetarians who have been previously loyal to Mars candy because it absolutely was vegetarian.

Twix brands was also revised to compete in the ice cream space with frozen Twix bars making their way into supermarket and mall ice cream vendor ice boxes. Snickers had also introduced their branded products including the Snickers Ice Cream Bar. Many of these products were well received in those days and either continued in production or withdrawn after the promo ended.

The sales Twix and Snickers chocolate brand have increased outside their traditional markets and they’ve been very positively received in every the main world.

Twix and Snickers chocolate bars have now been an effective products throughout their history and their sales have continued to boost and they’ve become popular brands for their manufacturers.

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